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All-T Hooks - 50 Count (25% OFF LAUNCH SPECIAL)

All-T Hooks - 50 Count (25% OFF LAUNCH SPECIAL)

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All-T-Hooks is the new all-encompassing cord management system that can be utilized from as soon as you strip the decks all the way through ceiling close in.

The patent pending design is built to utilize 1/2", 3/8" and 1/4" all—thread within a single hook.

The injected mold plastic is extremely durable and will be able to support most SO cords, temporary light strings and flexible (extension) cords. This is one of the only products to date that can support the safety of cord management through all phases of the construction project.

If you find that the existing all-thread is at heights where the hook cannot be reached a simple coupler can be used to extend the length to ensure quick and safe usage.

Additionally, the threads run all the way through the neck leaving a hole to secure the hook by means of ceiling wire, cable, mule tape etc. See pictures for examples.  

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